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About This Fund

Doing what one can to help students of a particular “genre;” I have the privilege of attending university with students driven to become teachers – English literature instructors to be precise. Their passions are directed toward literature and the philosophies; these paths of such importance help the  understanding of the human psyche through the art of ballad, fiction, non-fiction, folklore, poetry, and prose. Then, to take that knowledge and bestow it on other students to help them better understand themselves and the world in which they live – what a wonderous mission.

This Fund is about helping our students gain that extra knowledge: through travel expense to seminars, workshops, and other professional settings.  This mission allows engagement within their peer group and gains discipline for the journey they are about to embark on. We, of this great country, need exceptional instructors in our classrooms to guide and mentor our children,  our future.

This fund is about going beyond what’s required and making a decision to do the right thing.