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Give to The George K. Brannen Center of Addiction Recovery Endowment


To start off, I would like to say: “Don’t cry for me, help us fix and support our world.”

Years ago, my world teetered on a dependence for an alternative universe to deal with the pains of coming out of adolescence and trying to face whatever was coming next. I started my alcohol crutch at 15 and it continued on right into and through the military, university life, marriage, and beyond. Within all that, I ventured down a lot of other alleys; some good, some bad; and some down right ugly. I know the effect and toll it has taken. But, I survived and eventually was allowed to reorganize and take a fresh path.

But, this isn’t about me!

The Center of Addition & Recovery @ GSU is a wonderful program. It gives our students the chance to redeem and improve their path in life, and I’m confident in my decision to support them. The research information results show the students already active in this program do work above the norm. The overall average GPA is 3.45. It got my attention, and so it should yours. What this number tells me is these students are worthy of my support.

I’d like to think your’s also.

This program was adopted from other university models that are rated very successful. I’m sure our program will prove note-worthy also.

The truth is, we need your help and support to walk with these students and show them their future is important and they to can become an asset to the society of which we are all part of. If not you ……. than WHO? If not this university …….. give support to your Alma Mater or school that holds your interest.

Best to you!