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Time goes by so fast, it doesn’t seem to leave time for anything. I should take advantage of what time is available and do a little something.

To set my sights on what I believe the goals of this fund should be, I need to look at what my own academic needs have been, are, and will be.

Past: I was one of the fortunate coming up through my basic academic years 1-12. Although, there were some pretty rough spots, I acknowledge I didn’t finish at the top of my class, or even close. But I did finish. That was in the year 1967. The world of today is far more complicated and competition is more fierce than ever before. In 1967 there was very little academic challenge from “foreign” countries. Today our economy is just a part of a global trade market.

Present: Today, I’m a returning student at a bit of an older age; my academic goal is to achieve what I should have earned so long ago – a Bachelor’s Degree. The university has a wonderful foreign student exchange program, as do most universities on an international scale. I am fortunate to take a front row seat and see the challenges demanded of our students on the global theatre, I feel my academic peers and the students that will follow us will need even more advantage to compete. A complete command of language, diction, and the ability to speak and carry oneself with assurance is more important now than ever before in our history as a nation.

Future: Our hindsight of the last half-century has shown that time stands still for no country. World trade has changed all of that. In tomorrow’s economy,  the smartest and brightest will hold the edge.

It is my premise that our students need be up to that challenge.  I would like to believe that would be one of your great concerns also.